After being warned by Lusambo, Sampa Says was not kidnapped

After being warned by Lusambo, Sampa Says was not kidnapped

Miles Sampa withdraws kidnapping claims. Says he has consulted his sangomas and they told him that it was just violence.

He U-turns as usual and writes👇🏾

It has come to my attention that the incident I encountered on Monday does not amount to kidnapping but threatening violence. As I felt my life was in danger and out of consequent trauma, my immediate reaction may have been out of context. I therefore wish to apologise unreservedly to all that I may have offended consequently. I regret and sorry to all that had reservations on my response out of the ordeal. It was poor judgement on my part and I take full responsibility.
I have just come out of a meeting with one of my spiritual mentors Father Charles Chilinda and will keep seeking wisdom, guidance and counselling from all my seniors. These include His Excellency the President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, The Vice President Her Honour Inonge Mutukwa Wina, The SG Mr Davies Mwila, The PF Chairman Mr Samuel Mukupa, MCCs and Ministers among others. The office I hold on behalf of the people of Lusaka demands highest degree levels of integrity and decorum both in speech and actions. This I will keep aspiring to achieve on a daily basis.
As to my young brothers that attacked me, I hereby forgive them unconditionally and look foward to enjoying brotherhood and love with them. I therefore withdraw my formal complaint I lodged on them yesterday.
I am keen to work for a win win for all stake holders in the City and these are the President, the Government, the Party, The Council, all the people of Lusaka and in this context the youths and their aspirations.
I remain open to advice and counselling for the good of all the people of the City.
In line with good order and decorum of the Office of Mayor, I will be shutting my personal social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. All my communications will be via the Lusaka City Council official channels.

God bless us all and thank you.
Miles B. Sampa
Mayor of Lusaka
15:02, 29.08.18

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