After blocking the petition, Lungu mocks Hichilema, asks him to provide proof that his votes were stolen

Lungu with Zuma and Obasanjo

After blocking the presidential petition case through technicalities, dictator Edgar Lungu has challenged incarcerated UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema to provide evidence that his votes in last year’s general elections were stolen.
Lungu claimed that he was legitimately elected President of Zambia during last year’s election that was disputed and petitioned by the opposition Untied Party for National Development (UPND).
He further claimed that all local and international election monitors that witnessed the 2016 general elections declared the polls free and fair and endorsed the results.
Lungu made the claims to journalists today shortly after he toured stands with South African President Jacob Zuma at this year’s 91st Agriculture and Commercial Show.
On Hichilema’s bogus treason charge and incarceration, Lungu said Hichilema was a suspect and his case was being handled by the courts.
Lungu’s comments may have been made to pre-empt former Nigerian leader Obasanjo who jetted in Zambia today to visit Hakainde Hichilema at Mukobeko prison.


  • Who doesn’t know that the presidential elections were rigged in favor of Lungu. Do we have Chatulika Constituency in zambia?

  • Bashi Tasila,if i were you i would keep quite. There is alot of evidence that you rigged the August 2016 presidential elections. The one who won was HH.

  • That’s how ignorant people do

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    kema 7 months

    Please dont mock people who in poverty many Zambians affording meals buying cars and expensive phones dstv and go tv even in rural areas people are suffering in africa not zambia

  • Some guys are nutters!

  • But u are not allowing the petitions to take place

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    Banda kamwendo 7 months

    Correct the results by mistake made in Lundazi and clearly Lungu did not make 51percent

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    let’s love each other

  • Pf are political failures

  • dont start again bwana u ar the country presido just work and challenge him n 2021

  • if u can’t beat them join them.. #team pf

  • Provide the lawful court platform as per constitutional provision. We are all itching to hear it. If HH’s evidence is not credible then we shall all join in condemning him for keeping us on edge.

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    Franco 7 months

    Meanwhile the clock is ticking and very soon we are going to have another election

  • UPND lawyers kaya….the constitution granted them 14 days to present their case. They completely failed. Imagine 2weeks presenting preliminary issues. I always wonder why UPND supporters shower them with praises. That’s UPND, failing in everything and blaming it on lungu

    • u knw nothin jst luguish in poverty wechipubawe

    • Unless poverty has a new meaning, such a comment cannot be attributed to me. Poverty is that scourge that has clouded your reason that you end up supporting someone because he owns a herd of cattle.

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    Mutopola 7 months

    Bupe bizzy, why do u hate h,h,I’m sure alibatomba banoko.

  • Zambia is at cross roads.We have no respect for each other.Let us all be very carefully with utterances.Our tribe is Zambia.No one is above others.Any one with good qualities of leadership can rule Zambia.

  • Lungu for whom? Pf yes …..for Zambia l dont think so!

  • pressident elc is a gud man n humble also hh is gud man n humble bt the bads to elc n hh the advisors especially hh coz if he accepted de defeat at now he would be outside doing normal busness now bcoz wrong advisors today he z in prison dat de rizon he did what he does in mongu bcoz he waz mocked by hiz followers not to give a way to mr president elc he thought evn him he won which z false we say apasamika umutali umwipi teti asamune elyo limbi nalyo ati kwapa tacila kubeya.So upnd wait for yo tym apa ni pf cabe eiliko dont b sturbon,hallogants,indiscipline,biterness n heters NO!

  • Evidence is Available, LET PETITION BE HEARD.

  • Only God can bring glory to zambia..Neither ecl nor hh can free us from,the poverty stop cheating yourselvea,goverments come and go.I Can only give credit to the goverment of the late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa who respected the rule of law.may his soul rest,in peace?

  • Only God can bring glory to zambia..Neither ecl nor hh can free us from,the poverty stop cheating yourselvea,goverments come and go.I Can only give credit to the goverment of the late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa who respected the rule of law.may his soul rest,in peace?

  • even me i thought the guy was cheated,they hve stolen hz votes bt he wz given 14 dayz to prof wth enough evidence maaah!i dn’t knw maybe hz laywers r nt qurified it’s turns as if he wz jst wastin our time…hve lst the interest nd it’s a mistake to arest such pipo

  • me dont no…. the goverment of the day is my present president

  • why blocking the petition if won

  • no offence lungu, u r equally not my president . u r a president for pf and i pray every day to God to make you live long so that you can pay for your sins. you are just a mortal there is A God above. you shall meet him soon.

    • mmmmmm tinta summer

    • God put Lungu in authority because of his humility. God exalts the humble and resists the proud. If HH doesn’t change, just look at where he is now and where Lungu is. But with followers like, chances are slim that he will change. Summer, winter, spring whatever you call yourself, humble yourself and ask the holy spirit to teach to pray in line with the will of God. Otherwise you will pray and heaven will be silent on you. Check yourself.

    • Wch God? Ulichipuba Sana

    • It is u tht will meet him soon nonsense

  • Lungu President Up 2o26

  • Where would one prove his case ? In Court or in a Toilet ? Suppose the court doesn’t want to hear your evidence, where else do you go apart from Toilet ?

  • Many are called but few are chosen

  • A true believer should wait for Gods time to come for one to be a leader because leadership is from God

  • bembaz say, ifintu fili eko tuleya. so let’s wait and see who will b de true president dat day.

  • You call HH to be a cow, a person who was created in the image of God. May God have mercy on you because you don’t know what you are doing.