After corrupting MISA Zambia, now PF fights radio Mano journalists

After corrupting MISA Zambia, now PF fights radio Mano journalists

Unruly PF cadres have now taken their thuggery to radio Mano community radio station in Kasama, demanding for the removal of four journalists whom they accuse of being pro UPND.

The cadres who were part of the paltry crowd that welcomed President Edgar Lungu, and paid by Kelvin Sampa displayed a placard demanding the removal reporters Nzala Hangubo, Majory Chibwe Musonda and news editor Tobias Mangani. Tobias and Majory have been at the station since inception in 2003.

The four journalists were later summoned by Kasama district commissioner Kelly Kashiwa who rebuked them for their coverage of UPND activities. Kashiwa also threatened to ‘make the journalists’ lives difficult’.

The victimisation of the journalists is part of PF scheme to silence some objective journalists and endorsed by MISA Zambia chairperson Hellen Mwale who has since been paid K50,000 by Lungu.

Last week we exposed a scam where President Edgar Lungu corrupted MISA Zambia’s Mwale and the three public media heads.

For some people who doubted us, shortly afterwards PF cadres attacked David Kashiki from the Post newspapers and MISA officials who are known for criticising media infringement have kept quiet because they are dining with PF government.


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