After failing to find victims, police change GBM’s offence

For four days, the PF, it’s Police and allied media have been shouting on rooftops how UPND vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba assaulted two marketeers on the Copperbelt. Battalions of armed police were deployed to hunt him down and indeed managed to find him on Saturday morning. Surprisingly, they did not know what offence to change him with. So they just detained him in Ndola while thinking of what offence he could have committed. On Sunday afternoon, they  decided to charge him with ‘conduct likely to disturb the peace’, from assault? What happened to the people he assaulted?

The Zambia police really need to redeem itself from this foolishness. It must be very shameful to be a police office this time around. It is not fun nor is is amusing to put innocent people in jails just because they threaten your political career. These things back fire.

We all know that the police arrested GBM on Saturday hoping that UPND cadres would start rioting so that they and their PF could have reason to cancel the UPND rally. But woooo, the stupid plan failed, just like all Satanic plans will fail.

As for GBM, he has correctly observed that he is guilty of conduct likely to win an election.


He wrote:
Back into detention

Good morning

I slept well though this time away from my lovely family whom I share with every daybreak.It’s always either with my family or my Party,

This time I spent my night with a different family and in a different environment with all the time to reflect on life and share experiences.

My dear lovely wife Chama, my children,my grandchildren and the family at large not forgetting my President HH and every loving Zambian. what is happening is a clear indicator of a destiny God has prepared and that should re-energises all of us.

Let me tell you my story Police were instructed to arrest me after my visit  to chisokone market which revealed their loss of support from even traders whom they depend on to woo votes.
They cheated that I assaulted two traders but because of lack of evidence they have now changed the charge to Conduct .

Yes I agree except my conduct is likely to win an election.So am charged with conduct likely to win an election .Because to Edgar activities of the opposition winning an election is a serious offence.

Imagine bringing hundreds of Kamfinsa police officers guarding the corridors leading to my cell while others were outside I hear some were even on the roof of the police station the whole night.
This reminded me of the late President Michael Sata who told me that when such things happen then know you are winning ”

So let’s all not despair or lose track of the route to Destiny .


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