After failing to kill him, State house arrests Mwaliteta

Former Lusaka Province minister and now UPND member, Obvious Mwaliteta, has been arrested by police under orders from President Edgar Lungu and instructions from State House Special Assistant for Corruption Kaiser Zulu and Amos Chanda.
And Lungu has ordered police on the Copperbelt to slap UPND Provincial Chairperson Elias Matambo and others with a none bailable offence of aggravated robbery.

A check by the watchdog at Woodlands police station found State House presidential aides, Amos Chanda and Kaiser Zulu ordering the police officers to charge Mr Mwaliteta with aggravated robbery.

All police officers at woodlands police station are not allowed to visit Mwaliteta’s cell and instead it’s being guarded by State House police.

Police sources revealed that the initial plan was to assassinate Mwaliteta but when the plan failed they decided to lock him up at Woodlands Police station whilst they were waiting on State Souse to give them further instructions.
On the Copperbelt Matambo and others have also been slapped with none bailable offences of aggravated robbery.
In both instances, both Mwaliteta and Matambo were instrumental in thwarting the PF massive rigging plans.
Matambo and team on the Copperbelt apprehended PF thugs carrying premarked ballots papers while Mwaliteta managed to stop Keizer Zulu and Mumbi Phiri at City Airport from offloading premarked ballot papers.

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