After losing Supreme Court case, Mutati urged to surrender MMD property

Shortly after suffering rejection from the Patriotic Front, a severe  setback in his bid to take over  the leadership of the MMD through the backdoor, the Supreme Court dealt another heavy blow on Felix Mutati as it reaffirmed its verbal ruling made on Friday 29th July, 2016 to overturn  the Judge Sikazwe Lusaka High Court ruling  which the Felix Mutati clique relied upon to hold a convention in Kabwe where Mutati was imposed unopposed as President of the MMD. 

Speaking after the formal  delivery of the reading of the written judgement by Supreme Court Judge Nigel Mutuna, MMD National Secretary Reverend Reuben  Sambo has said this ruling effectively  reverts the party leadeship to the status quo of what obtained before the Judge Sikazwe ruling with Dr. Nevers Mumba and the MMD NEC  at the helm of the party.

The Supreme Court has refered the matter back to the Lusaka High Court for determination of the legality of the Convention as it was not part of the appeal to the Supreme Court.

Reverend Sambo has therefore requested the Mutati  group  to now be magnanimous and return all party assets including all motor vehicles that they wrongly confiscated  and were now distributing to unauthorized persons including an independent mayoral candidate.  He has also requested the group to vacate the Party Secretariat without further delay.

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