After pretending to open Mulungushi Textiles last year, PF govt now says China still interested in the factory

lungu pretended to open Mulungushi Textiles last year

One year after Edgar Lungu travelled to Kabwe on 1st August 2016 and pretended to have reopened Mulungushi Textiles and ‘created’ 2,500 jobs, the PF government now says the Chinese government is ‘still interested’ in investing in Mulungushi Textiles.
Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga says the Chinese government is still interested in investing in the Mulungushi Textiles in Kabwe. This is the same factory that Lungu hallucinated to have opened in partnership with the same Chinese they are now saying are still interested in the firm.
Mushanga has claimed that a meeting was held three weeks ago with the Chinese Ambassador to Zambia at which they discussed how Zambia can get a fair share from the factory.
Mushanga further said a Japanese Investor , Mareebn group of companies which was also ‘interested’ in the Mulungushi Textiles has been given a separate 23-acre piece of land along the Great North Road where they can develop a different textile industry.
Mushanga repeated the same promise of Mulungushi Textiles opening and creating jobs very soon and promised to ensure that 98 percent of the people employed are the youths. He has forgotten that his president said they had been employed last year.
The factory never opened and no one was employed as Lungu was just canvassing for votes in the run up to last years presidential elections.

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