After squandering money at Mulungushi, Luo moves Hellicy Ngambi to Nkrumah

After squandering money at Mulungushi, Luo moves Hellicy Ngambi to Nkrumah

Hellicy C N’gambi

After squandering Mulungushi university money, Vice chancellor Hellicy Ngambi has been moved to Kwame Nkrumah university in anticipation of some increased funding to the institution which Higher education minister Nkandu Luo wants to abuse together with professor Ngambi.

Kabwe based leading teacher training university Nkrumah is in the expansion phase and increased financial resources are under way to complete the vast expansion projects at campus and government also wants to increase allocation of funding to the institution. To access this money which they want to abuse, Luo has moved her corrupt colleague Ngambi to the institution and she has swiftly taken up the position.

Sources close to the institution and the ministry of finance have told the Watchdog that Luo has proposed an increased budgetary allocation to Nkrumah University and would want a Vice chancellor she can manipulate so that they jointly steal the money hence picking on Hellicy Ngambi.

“The decision was because the woman who was there looked like she couldn’t be manipulated or was straight forward so that’s how professor Ngambi was brought in and already she has brought in unnecessary increased costs to the students and busy frustrating the lecturers at Nkrumah.

During her stay as Mulungushi University Vice chancellor, Ngambi faced various students’ protests due to gross financial abuse leading to consistent premature closures of the institution. On 25th April this year, police in Kabwe arrested 59 students after the riots which left the university closed.

“It has however, become clear to me that the problems at Mulungushi University have nothing to do with the increase of fees, or the disagreements with policy of the senate on deferred examinations. If it was about the fees, the reaction should have been in February because that is when the fees were announced. “In view of this, I have, therefore, today, with a very heavy heart, decided to close the university in order to restore order at the institution. This closure will be for a period of 10 days, and it is in line with section 40(2) of the higher education act, number 4 of 2013,” said Luo when she announced the university’s closure after the riots.

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