After thanking Mugabe, Lungu to visit and thank another dinosaur for financing him

After thanking Mugabe, Lungu to visit and thank another dinosaur for financing him

Dos Santos

Dos Santos

Just like the Zambian Watchdog reported before elections, president Edgar Lungu will head to Angola to thank another dinosaur for funding him.

The Watchdog reported two weeks before elections that Lungu was funded by Robert Mugabe, Nigerian Muslims and President José Eduardo dos Santos of Angola. See here:

President Lungu is currently thanking his international supporters and honouring the conditions they gave him in exchange for money, mostly stolen from poor people in countries of origin.

Lungu has even given priority to thanking and meeting international financiers in Mfuwe at the expense of putting together cabinet or appointing government officials. All sorts of crooks from Nigeria, China and Kenya are meeting Lungu in Mfuwe, when he is not playing pool.

Just last week Lungu was summoned to Zimbabwe to listen to Mugabe’s demands. (The Watchdog will publish what Mugabe wants Lungu to do later).

Next week, Lungu will travel to Angola to thank that country’s old leader for giving him money during the campaigns.

Lungu’s trip will be disguised as an invitation to go and address that country’s parliament.

According to the official reason for travelling, Lungu will witness the launch of the reconstructed Benguela railways.   This rail line links Angola with Congo DR not Zambia.         Congolese president Kabila will also be there at the last event since his country is the beneficiary of the rail link.

Lungu appears to love Africa’s presidents for life. After visiting Mugabe, he is now going to visit Dos Santos. Just like Mugabe, Dos Santos presides over an impoverished country while his family lives in extreme luxury.

While 70% of Angola’s population live in abject poverty, Dos Santos and his daughter Isabel are richer than the country.

Isabel, through her political connections, is one of the richest Africans and one of the youngest billionaires.

Dos Santos is Africa’ second longest serving ruler. He has been in power since 1979.

Africa’s longest serving ruler is Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea though he only beats Dos Santos with three months. He became ruler in early 1979 After ousting his uncle, Masie Nguema Biyongo Ndong, in a violent coup.

The third longest serving ruler in Africa is of course Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. President Lungu just returned from thanking him.
Read details about Lungu’s journey here

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