Again Sata publicly embarrasses his officials, tells them thats why they have no hair

President Michael Sata today publicly castigated his officials over the decisions they took without consulting him or for misleading ministers.

Before the pre-cabinet meeting at State House today, Mr. Sata, not having anyone to swear-in still went ahead to ridicule his officials including vice-president Guy Scott.

“And you Mr. Scott, how do you send your deputy to go and praise the people importing second hand motor vehicles in this time and era,” Mr. Sata said said while Scott apologized.

Mr. Sata told Scott that he should be ashamed to do such a thing even if he was feeling unwell.

Later Mr. Sata turned the heat on former Information Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba, who has now been banished at Cabinet Office with no job issuing nationwide coverage licence to Radio Phoenix.

“You Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba, do you think all the Permanent Secretaries before you were stupid not to issue the licence to Radio Phoenix? You want HH to be using the same radio station while sit… Are you the only clever permanent secretary? Was the previous government foolish?,” Sata continued but Mwamba tried to defend himself by saying “Your excellency when I came to the ministry, I found a number of pending applications on the time from my predecessor ….no ! Sata interjected…do you know why they were pending? Are you aware that Radio Phoenix has been bought by outsiders and that can endanger to national integrity. Do you know why previous government had only allowed ZNBC to be the only national broadcaster? Mr. Sata asked.

During elections Mr. Sata widely used virtually all the radio stations to campaign and promised them nationwide coverage. All radio Phoenix needs to do is retrieve any of those tapes during Mr. Sata’s many lies to the nation as this is not the only promise he has broken.

And Radio Phoenix proprieter Errol Hickey said he was disappointed to be labeled as a biased media organization when his station has tried its level best to offer balanced media coverage to all political parties and interest groups.

Meanwhile Mr. Sata castigated Zambia Revenue Commissioner General a Mr. Msiska for advising Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda to issue a statutory instrument allowing mining companies to export copper concentrates.

This follows today’s Post newspaper editorial that also labeled Chikwanda as corrupt for allowing mining companies to export raw copper.

“And you, that why you can’t even keep your hair… have no hair…how can you look after people if you can’t look after your hair. Our forefathers who died in those mines will be angry with you for doing such a thing. Get out of my office….go and prepare another statutory instrument revoking that document,” an angry and senile Mr. Sata said.

From today’s public admonishing of his people, it is clear no body is in charge of the country on a daily basis.

Surely where was Mr. Sata when his officials were doing all these things for him to seem waking-up from somewhere and realize they were wrong decisions? How many such wrong decisions are being made unnoticed?

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