Again, Ventriliglia family refuse to give up Zambezi Portland cement

Once more, police have blocked the legal owners of Zambezi Portland cement from accessing the plant.

A few weeks ago, the Supreme Court issued a judgment that the cement plant should be managed by Finsbury Investment as it is the majority shareholder.

But the Ventriliglia family hired state police and armed thugs to surround the plant and prevent the owners of the company from entering.

While refusing to obey the Supreme Court judgment, the Ventriliglia family decided to take back the matter to the Court of Appeal. Within 3 days, the Court of Appeal threw out the new petition saying it lacked merit.

But the Ventriliglia have continued holding the cement plant illegally against even the latest court judgment.

When the management appointed by Finsbury went to take over the company today as ordered by the courts, the police, working under orders from Ventriliglia family sent them away. The police told the new management to go and talk to Sakwiba Sikota.

We just wish to advise the Ventriliglia family that they are playing with fire. They may have managed to pay off a few weak souls in the police and government, but the time bomb is ticking.

In case they don’t know, whatever decision they have made and action they have taken from the time the Supreme Court issued that judgement, is a criminal offence. They will be arrested. Even if they flee to their country Italy, they will be brought back. It is just a matter of time. They may not respect Zambian courts, but time for reckoning is coming.

Meanwhile, Some Ministers say Ventriglias have gone too far with lawlessness & bribery

By Joel Ngo

Cabinet Ministers are increasingly becoming agitated at the amount of lawlessness being orchestrated by Italian mafias the Ventriglias of Ndola.

They note with disgust that the Zambezi Portland Cement fight between Dr. Mahtani’s Finsbury Investments Ltd and the Ventriglias now borders on anarchy and organised stupidity on the part of the latter.

“I know that the Ventriglias have been giving all sorts of gifts and to some Cabinet colleagues and top police brass for a long time now just to fix Dr. Mahtani and Finsbury Investment Ltd. Who do these tu ma Italians think they are to disregard the Supreme Court decision which confirms Finsbury Investments Ltd as the majority shareholder in Zambezi Portland Cement,” said one Cabinet Minister with knowledge of the amount of corruption involving the Ventriglias, some Cabinet colleagues and senior police officers on the Copperbelt and Lusaka.

The Watchdog will in due course name and shame the culprits on the Ventriglias pay roll.
Another Minister described the Ventriglias as crooked and undesirable elements once deported by then Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu for engaging in activities iminical to Zambia’s interests.
“Dr. Mahtani has been mistreated enough by Ventriglias obviously propped up by chaps like Sakwiba Sikota who goes round name dropping the ECLs name to get all sorts of favours and big money from crooks of all types. Saki should leave the President’s name out of his battles with Dr. Mahtani. This is too much and there is a sense of disgust in Cabinet about this Mafioso behaviour by these chaps,” another added.
“I doubt if in Italy Zambians can be allowed to do behave like this. Tell Gomeli that his days are numbered because DEC have something on him.”
The Ventriglias have hired both the Police and thugs commonly known as jerabos to surround the cement plant so that the majority shareholder should not have access to the premises despite the Supreme Court’s decision. The Ventriglias are using Gomeli Litana, a Zambian based money launderer to break the law with impunity against fellow Zambians and this is being tolerated by Zambian authorities.
Last week, a peaceful attempt to access the plant on two occasions by ZPC interim CEO Phesto Musonda was met with resistance, assault, theft and malicious damage to property by jerabos. Today was the third attempt.
For those who don’t know jerabos are a just a bunch of copper thieves predominantly found on the Copperbelt.IMG_5804


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