Agriculture Minister Katambo says FRA has limited maize stocks and won’t supply millers

Agriculture Minister Michael Katambo has told the National Agriculture Information Services (NAIS) that the country has limited stocks of maize and the Food Reserve Agency will consequently not release maize to millers.

Katambo stressed that FRA will not offload maize to millers as a measure to stabilise mealie-meal prices claiming that
Offloading maize to millers does not benefit consumers and is not sustainable.
President Edgar Lungu had recently told the country that meali meal prices will soon start reducing. A 25 kg of meali meal is currently selling at over K150 in Lusaka and close to K180 in rural places.

Katambo noted that offloading maize to millers will deplete the strategic reserves because they would have to release huge quantities push down the high meali meal prices.

He said the limited maize stocks that FRA is holding must be managed properly in anticipation of challenges that may arise by February 2020.

Government had allowed the export of maize before this year’s harvest despite being warned by certain sections of stakeholders and opposition leaders.

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    Zambia needs to go much much further:

    The use of land chemicals banned, and the implementation of an agro-ecological strategy where the 100 drought resistant traditional seeds of history (sorghum, millet, bulrush millet, cassava and the non-hybrid maize) are grown, delivering villagers full protection from the GMO seed/herbicide predators, and where the state is forced to reform the hybrid maize/nitrogen fertilizer and herbicide tyranny. In addition, very strict controls on the import of chemicals to be implemented along with a ban on maize exports.

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    Dim Dada 7 days ago

    Not long ago, you the same people were telling us that Zambia has adequate reser4ves to take us upto the next rainy season, barely, 3 months you the same people are saying there is not enough maize in the country.

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    Faulty Towers

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    Muntu 7 days ago

    In my entire life I have never seen confused people like PF.