Agro dealers to protest at State House

Agro dealers to protest at State House

Agro Dealers want Lungu to pay them the outstanding K600m

Agro Dealers from across Zambia have mobilised to stage a protest at state house next week on Friday if Government does not pay them the total K600 million kwacha owed from 2015 to 2019.

A source from Woodlands police station has told Cloud FM that the dealers notified the police on Friday last week of their intention.

And some agro Dealers based in Eastern province expressed anger that while over 100 Agro Dealers are being ignored, government has been paying the new dealers involved in Direct Input Supply – DIS more than K700 millon.

Investigations reveal that the major beneficiaries in this scam are Freedom Sikazwe and Michael Katambo the ministers at state house and agriculture respectively.

Sikazwe who is getting a huge payment from the DIS dealers and has bought a fleet of trucks for himself has allegedly been influencing President Edgar Lungu to ignore  the dealers but they warned that they will not relent inspire of threats of deregistration or blacklisting. Some of his trucks have been hired to deliver the inputs of the DIS dealers.

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