Ahead of press freedom day, Zambia’s media declared unfree

Ahead of press freedom day, Zambia’s media declared unfree

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 19.10.06As the World prepares to celebrate press freedom day this week, international media development organizations have described Zambia’s media as being under siege, not free and deplorable.

Meanwhile, PF government zombies, tired of ritual killings, have for the past five days been hacking the Zambian Watchdog main website with funding from a corrupt business family, to be named in the upcoming hacking report.

The World Press Freedom Index, which is released annually by Reporters Without Borders (RWB), ranks 180 countries according to how journalists are allowed to do their work.

The greater the number on the score, the bigger the press freedom violations.

For 2016, Reporters Without Borders has ranked Zambia number 114 just close to Robert Mugabe’s farm Zimbabwe, which is ranked number 124. Countries like Cape Verde scored admirably (32), Botswana (43) and Ghana (26).

And Freedom House has branded Zambia as ‘not free’ in terms of press freedom in 2016. All countries surrounding Zambia except Zimbabwe, Angola and Democratic Republic of Nkondo have been declared as ‘partly free’.

Zambia does not even have a functional media association at the moment from the time the PF bought MISA Zambia and planted cadres at the helm.

From the time the PF took over power, Zambia’s international reputation has been darkening in all areas.

Just last week, international credit agencies reduced Zambia’ economy to negative, meaning that it is is risky for anyone to lend money to Zambia as the country has no capacity to pay back. It is rumored that by June, Zambia’ economy will be branded ‘junky’.

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