Ailing president Lungu taken to Military hospital

Ailing president Edgar Chagwa Lungu who collapsed this morning has been rushed to Lusaka’s Maina Soko Military hospital where he is being resuscitated, according to Amos Chanda his Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations.

Lungu, who has had a kidney failure, collapsed this morning while officiating at International Women’s Day at Heroes stadium, but State House claimed it was due to malaria and fatigue. Lungu just returned from a holiday in Mfuwe but surprisingly he has already developed fatigue.

Later Lungu addressed the nation by saying his illness should not be something that should worry the nation.

Chanda said Lungu has so far been given a few hours of rest, while Gender Minister Nkandu Luo took over the proceedings.

It is not clear whether Lungu will handle the pressure of work as demanded by the office of the presidency and is expected to officiate at the Youth Day celebrations later this week.

It is not the first time Lungu has collapsed in public as he did the same while attending to a State House function during late Michael Sata’s administration.

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