Ailing Sata again fails to appear at a major national event, this time for youths

Ailing Sata again fails to appear at a major national event, this time for youths

President-SataAiling president Michael Sata has again failed to officiate at another major national event, this time the youth day.

On Monday, Sata was seen on TV after being in isolation for two weeks probably in a special clinic in Lusaka.

But When he was seen peeping in cameras on Monday, he spent his dwindling energy on delivering hate speeches against opposition leaders.

Sources at state House say he got too tired after yesterday’s swearing ceremony. Monday’s event was, according to sources, specifically organised to show Sata to the public following revelations by the watchdog that he had  not been  seen at State House since February 27.

‘That article sent the system panicking but they knew that making him go to the youth day march past will be killing him and may end up collapsing in public so we had to show him on Monday so that on Tuesday there will be no speculation when he does not show up,’ said a senior government official.

Then official asked: ‘can you imagine what would have happened today if he was not seen in public on Monday and today he misses youth day? ‘ The source added that’ that is why as you can see there was really nothing he was saying at State house.

Sata again delegated his ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott who also cannot stand, but instead rails have been provided for him to lean on as the youths are marching past him.

Last week, president Sata again confined himself in-doors somewhere or at State House as he could not feature at the International Women’s Day despite the government media and the Post newspaper highly publicising his presence.

Traditionally, former presidents have taken these events as opportunities to give clear government policies on the plight of those affected, such as vulnerable women and youths.

Last time president Sata appeared at such public official foras, he ended being a joker instead of concentrating on the written policy documents and speeches.

Mr. Sata has now confided his public appearances and policy directives during the usual State House swearing-in ceremonies which are also being taken as political platforms to ridicule political opponents.

Yesterday, president Sata mocked MMD president as someone who cannot look after people since he has failed to look after his hair.

He also directed DPP, his friend Mutembo Nchito, to investigate the opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s sources of wealth.

By law, it is in breach of the constitution for the president to direct an independent wing of government, especially the DPP’s chambers which is a wing of the judiciary.


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