Ailing Sata fails to grace women’s day celebrations

Ailing president Michael Sata today failed to officiate at the International Women’s day celebrations at Lusaka’s Show Grounds.

Mr. Sata instead delegated his vice-president Guy Scott who could also not manage to remain standing during the match past by women and kept on standing and sitting down through out the procession.

International Women’s day has traditionally been a serious event officiated by the republican president and all the Zambian media and adverts were indicating that Mr. Sata would be at the event.

But sadly for Mr. Sata, the person he has delegated has also failed to live-up to the occasion as he also easily got tired and remained seated for most of the time, which is against the protocol for a match past.

Scott only gained some bit of momentum when the PF cadres, who dominated the event, matched past him.

The opposition UPND and MMD women boycotted this year’s occasion for fear of violence.

This year’s theme is ‘The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum’.



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