Ailing Sata forced to go to Chipata, returning same day

Ailing Dictator Michael Sata who is scheduled to sneak out of the country for medication will first have to go to Chipata for some publicity before disappearing to Asia.

Sata will tomorrow (Saturday) fly to Chipata where is stand on a podium for a few minutes to campaign for Patriotic Front (PF) candidate, Lameck Mangani in the Chipata Central constituency parliamentary by-election scheduled for July 25th.

Sata  will arrive at Chipata airport at 09:00 hours after which he will  visit Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province at his Ephendukeni palace.

Mpenzeni has been showing signs of withdrawing his support to the PF due to its paya farmer policies.

Sata will address a public meeting in Dilika ward at Mchini market at 10:00 hours in the morning and after resting, he will at 14:00 hours address another public rally in Kapata ward at Mpezeni Park for a few minutes.
Soon after addressing the public meetings at 16:00 hours, Sata will get into his chopper and fly back to Lusaka.

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