Ailing Sata in Kapiri today

Dictator Michael Sata is expected in Kapiri Mposhi today to drum up support for PF candidate Eddie Musonda in the forthcoming 23rd April bye election but first lady Christine Kaseba is opposed to the idea, saying the ailing president needs time to rest from his week long trip to China.

And revellers at Kabwe’s Go Disney night club were treated to a low music Thursday night as Justice minister Wynter Kabimba who was residing at a lodge nearer the night club ordered the night club management not to play very loud music so as not to be disturbed.

Sata, who had been out of public appearance  for a long period of time due to his poor health arrived back in the country today and scheduled to address rallies in kapiri Mposhi and Lukulu West.

Sources close to State house and the PF told the Zambian Watchdog that a campaign programme had already been drawn for the head of state who’s stay in China took longer than planned. “We have already drawn the programme, coz he is also supposed to be in Lukulu before 23rd April so he will be in Kapiri tommorrow though the first lady is against that, she says he has to rest but the President himself insists he is fit enough to go on a campaign trail, it is like now he is in better health and you may be seeing him in public more often, infact there will be a press conference very soon,” said the source.

And sources from the police in Kabwe disclosed that the presidential motorcade has already arrived in advance and police were working out security and logistics arrangement for the president’s arrival. “The motorcade arrived yesterday, looks like the President will  land at Chililalia airstrip and then go to Kapiri by road, so some officers are being dispatched to the areas where he is scheduled for meetings,” said the source.

Meanwhile Justice minister Wynter Kabimba is reportedly said to have ordered the management at Go Disney night club not to play loud music as he was sleeping at Misuku lodge which is right behind the busy nightspot.

Sources at Disney told the watchdog that there was serious instruction that no music be played during the justice minister’s stay at the lodge. “It looks like the Supreme court judges who were here a few days ago complained about the noise pollution, so when the minister came, he wanted to have some order,” said one of the workers.

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