Ailing Sata to grace Feira bridge, welcome MMD MP to PF

Ailing president Michael Sata has been personally motivated to launch the Luangwa Bridge – Feira Road, a project embarked by the MMD. At the same occasssion Feira constituency MMD MP Patrick Ngoma is scheduled to resign from his party to join the ruling PF.

The traitor Mr. Ngoma who, perhaps has done an honourable but expensive thing by formally joining the PF, is already serving in the same government as deputy minister of Information.

Ngoma has served his party of the anguish of going through court petitions.

MMD president Nevers Mumba yesterday said the party was finally cracking the whip on all their MPs serving in government so that they remain with a few loyal ones.

Sources said ordinarily Mr. Sata would not have come out of his sick bed to merely walk on the road, but has been energised by the prospect of his much loved scheme of spending money on by-elections through bribing opposition MPs.

Mr. Ngoma’s other relatives such as his young brother former ZNBC reporter Henry Ngilazi and wife Chanse Kabwela (formerly of the Post newspaper) are already serving in the PF government as diplomats in Malawi.

The MMD is this week expelling all its treacherous MPs who voted against the party’s decision against lifting of former president


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