Ailing Sata to pass through Bartoseland on Friday

Ailing dictator Michael Sata is tomorrow (Friday)  is expected to visit three Districts in Western Province to launch some projects designed to cheat voters in Lukulu.

People of Lukulu will be voting early next week and this programme is carefully designed to show voters that the PF will bring development to the region.

But Sata, who is on a mission to prove that he is not sick will only spend a day in the province and dash back to Lusaka where there are better medical facilities.

Sata will arrive at Mongu Airport at 09:00 hours.

He  will later go to a lay a foundation stone at Kasima where the site for the Mongu stadium will be constructed.

Sata  will then depart for Shangombo around 10:40 hourrs where he will launch a hospital project.

At 12:00 Hours,  Sata will go to Nalolo District where he will pay a courtesy call at chiftainess La Mboela and then proceed to ‘launch’ the water project.

Sata will depart for Lusaka the same day in the evening unless this exposure will make him change the programme as he often does.

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