Ailing Sata to shun Kuomboka ceremony, threatens to use his pen to sort out Lozis

Ailing Sata to shun Kuomboka ceremony, threatens to use his pen to sort out Lozis

Ailing Zambian dictator Michael Sata says he will not attend this month’s Lozi traditional Kuomboka ceremony because he is tired and needed to rest.

And Mr. Sata has threatened to use his powerful position and pen in sorting-out former Barotse Prime minister Clement Sinyinda and other Barotse activists such as Linyungandambo demanding for the recognition of the Barotse Agreement .

Mr. Sata who has so far mainly been to places where there are his induced by-elections, has missed important national assignments such as the women and youth day celebrations and has now directed that ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott attends on his behalf.

The Zambian president who has largely confined himself inside State House, recently forced and strained himself by travelling to China and later went to Kapiri Mposhi and Lukulu where he only spent a few minutes urging people to vote for PF candidates in the forth-coming by-elections.

In both rallies, Mr. Sata took time to prove that he was fit and healthy and accused opposition leaders of spreading false rumours about his poor health.

But so far, not single opposition leader has said anything about Mr. Sata’s healthy, other than his Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, the man who wants to succeed him.

And speaking when he paid a courtesy call on the Litunga at his palace yesterday, President Sata is quoted by the PF Post newspaper that Sinyinda was also organising people to secede.
“Those people (Indunas) you are responsible. The person who is organising people against the Litunga is your former prime minister.
The person who is organising Linyungandambo secession is your former prime minister. I warn the king, if he attempts to bring him back, then I will use my signature. I have a signature, he knows it very well so if you try bring him back…If he is fighting him, then he is also fighting me and me my hands are much stronger than those of the king. This man did not apply to become a king, he was born a king. What God says shall prevail, let no man put asunder. We are very much ready, we watch him every day,” said President Sata.

During the run-up to elections in 2011, Sata declared that the Barotse Agreement was still valid and must be honoured

Commenting on Vice-President George Kunda’s meeting with the Litunga, the Ngambela and some senior Barotse Indunas in Limulunga, Sata said the Barotse Agreement was real.
“The Barotse Agreement is still a valid agreement,” Sata said. “How can you ignore an agreement that was signed, sealed and delivered almost 47 years ago?”
Sata maintained that the Barotse Agreement was still legitimate and President Rupiah Banda simply needed to show honour by acknowledging its validity and existence.
“There is no honest person who can deny the existence and validity of the Barotse Agreement. And those with honour and integrity honour valid agreements they have entered into whether they still like them or not,” Sata said. “The PF government will honour the Barotse Agreement without hesitation because we have no problems with it. We see nothing wrong with it.”

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