AIM global is fishy

AIM global is fishy

There is something Fishy about AIM GLOBAL.

Dear Editor,

There is an organization or people who call themselves Alliance in Motion Global (AIM Global) that is currently advertising to youths mostly in the Country to join them and make between $600-3500 per week.I don’t really understand exactly how it works but was almost joining and what prevented from joining that there is price i have to pay (k2,800) so that i have access to there herbs that are believed to heal a number of diseases, which an individual can sale and it is not automatic that one will always find customers to sale the herbs.This makes it hard for one to make the $600-3500 per week they are claiming and this is making those who joined feel decieved and they are busy flocking our inbox with invitational messages to join them so that they probably recover their money.

This same organization was seriously banned in South Africa and other many Countries in Africa and around the world.I therefore call on Government agencies responsible to investigate the activities of this organization especially in the light of it being banned in other Countries.

There a lot of busine

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