Air Zimbabwe gets Zambian airways planes

Planes belonging to defunct, privately, owned Zambian Airways are in the process of being leased to Air Zimbabwe, the Watchdog understands.

Air Zimbabwe, owned by government, is facing serious operation problems at the moment and its pilots are on strike.
Air Zimbabwe chairman Jonathan Kadzura has been quoted saying that his airline has come up with a stop-gap measure to hire planes from Zambia.

It is not clear how many planes are targeted but the move includes Zambian Airways crew who were left in the cold after Zambian airways abruptly stopped operating leaving some passengers stranded on airports.

Zambian Airways itself is in a myriad of problems and owes Zambian public institutions more than US$30  million.

The defunct airline has been taken to court by institutions seeking to recover the money.

It is not clear yet if Zambian airways will be allowed to lease the planes owing to the ongoing court cases.



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