Airtel and their broad daylight theft

Dear editor, I for one am very grateful for the work u do, that’s speaking for the voiceless.
On first october around 10:02hrs, I was in south africa and I had my phone number recharged with a K100 from zambia. 30min later I was shocked to have no airtime in my phone. Airtel claimed that I used it for internet services. The question is what kind of internet was it that could consume a K100 within a few minutes. I called airtel and spoke to Stanslas who told me that I only used 3.5mb of internet that day. To me this meant there was some fraud somewhere. K100 is much more worth than 3.5mb of data. Airtel has continued its stealing habits even to boss’s number. I will make sure airtel is held accountable to its fraud activities. If airtel is clean on this particular issue, let them get in touch with me and explain. My email

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