Airtel has stolen my airtime

Dear sir,
I wish to register my disappointment at Airtel’s knack for theft from its customers.  Today 25.3.2013 at 16 00Hrs, they stole Kr3 or K3000 from the K185 000 i loaded into my sim 0973814943 which was meant for
recharging 2gig data.

They deducted K3000 pretending i got a so called siliza loan.  this sim is exclusively used for data and sim as it is always in the modem.  Kindly help get to the Regulator so that mthese useless idiots are brought to book.  they have done this twice,
including on my mobile.

I dont know how to enrol to Siliza. the only way i vented my anger was to call them idiots after they refused to
give me back my air time.  But i want more so that they dont repeat it on other customers and make collossal sums.

David Mwanza, Mazabuka

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