Airtel is involved in fraud of scamming people

Airtel is involved in fraud of scamming people


I talked to a friend over sending money.Few seconds later I got this text.”Use this number of airtel(0977298248) To send that Money the name will come NAMPASA BESTER my number is not working in mobile money.”

My mind could not just recognize it as a scam.i sent the money to that number.When I realised it was a scam…I called Airtel to retrieve my money.They said it was too late as the person had already bought airtime. C27008486 case number.I asked them if there was anything they could do to help me and they said they can only send number to investigators.I was to wait upon investigators.Till date nothing has been done.Those numbers are still very very active.What is the point of sim registration if airtime can’t just block such users?
I let the issue go because the money involved was only a k200.But a k200 from thousands of people is theft of thousands.Something is not ok with Airtel inside system… something seriously wrong…

Zwd comment: we are getting convinced that Airtel itself is involved in these scams. It’s Airtel scamming people but hiding under hackers.

In the case above for example, if Airtel could trace what the hacker did with the money, that is, he bought airtime from Airtel, why didn’t Airtel simply withdraw/invalidate the airtime or like we asked before, disable the number that received the airtime? Or better still, why didn’t Airtel work with Zicta and police to trace the person using the number that received the airtime since that was a big lead?

Airtel is scamming Zambians. It’s about time the Zambia police frauds department took an interest in this matter and move in on Airtel. The excuses Airtel is giving victims are simply not convincing.

We refuse to buy the story that in Zambia, there are super cyber criminals who are more sophisticated than the technical guys at Airtel. What is happening can only be possible by active involvement and participation of people inside Airtel.

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    ndo~mushili 5 days ago

    May we even ask as to why most of the scammers are using airtel linked lines? I dont think Airtel as a corporate entity, so trusted by millions of people, can have such a despicable corporate policy to be scammers, in place of best practices! However, Airtel appears to have a mole or moles in its ranks and the sooner Airtel worked on identifying and flushing out these moles the better. Also, ZICTA & The Consumer Protective Authority have been to quiet over this matter. Where is the state machinery, the OOP, CID Police as citizens’ security is being compromised for this long without the culprits being nubbed? We needed serious and consciencious leadership in our country, not manyengwe!

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    Not only Airtel, its happening in Banks as well only that its not being reported as it should be.Recently i was robbed of my money likely enough it was refunded i dont no if the Bank also recoverd there money as well.I will not go into details the rest is yours to digest.

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    David King 7 days ago

    With all due respect, leave the President out of this. You are the one implicating the President by accusing the site. When you say that the site accuses the government for everything, and that the site has told this story without accusing the president the two statements are not adding up; they are contradictory.

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    Kkkkkkkk….atleast zambiawatchdog today has only implicated airtel instead of president Edgar Lungu and PF.This site always blame those in Govnt!!!

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    JACKASS 7 days ago

    wapwalala kikikiki wake up mwaiche

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    you are very correct, airtel is involved.