Airtel mobile money scam rampant in Muchinga

Airtel mobile money scam rampant in Muchinga


The Airtel Mobile Money system is somehow a well designed systematic hightech scam against both customers and the Partners/Agents. This is done through underpayment/non payment of the net commissions as generated by the end of each business transaction month. Muchinga Province is the one at the centre of these scams.

The biggest culprit of these scam are the Muchinga Province Airtel Staff, because Muchinga province is one the biggest contributor of mobile money incomes and also the province has allot of un-suspecting business people who are not yet awakened to the Airtel scams/Fraud.

The Airtel Mobile Money business is on paper designed to provide a micro money transaction system. The Airtel company provides a platform and systems where the transactions go through. While the Booth Partners provide the financial capital to conduct the actual transactions. And the booth agents are the front line soldiers. Each transaction under taken by a customer, attracts a charge which Airtel collects. Then, a percentage of that charge from the customer is awarded to the respective Partners agent line in form of net commissions.

At the end of every month the Airtel Computerised system shows the Partners how much net commissions has be accumulated and awarded to their respective Partner agent lines.

Where the fraud/scam takes place is at the stage of disbursing the actual net commissions to the respective partners agent lines. Instead of the the computerised system to do the disbursements? Human interference then comes into place? Such that the final disbursement of the net commissions is then done by the Airtel Territory Staff who manipulate the figures and the numbers where the net commissions should go.

So when the commissions are disbursed, they usually differ from the respective figures which the system generated and confirmed at the end of the month.

And when Airtel head office is queried over such issues, they usually refer such complaints to the Territory Service Manager((TSM), saying they are the ones responsible for commissions disbursement. And when the TSM is contacted on the inconsistences , the TSM usually dodges the bullets giving one excuse after another.

Its only when the TSM is taken to task contniously, that’s when from nowhere the difference is paid. So only when one makes hard heated follow ups with the TSM supported by the end of month net commissions, that is when the correct figures are paid. So if one does not keep records and does not make follow ups on the differences, the Airtel staff get to enjoy the fruits of their scams/fraud.

So you can only imagine how much money these crooks disguised as investors are stealing from the big number of poorly schooled, the disadvantaged, less informed people that Airtel is dealing with.

The staff that are involved in these scams and frauds are the Provincial staff working together with those at head office.

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