Airtel money withdraw charges

Just as a matter of concern, i wish to write to you on my disappointment with AIRTEL and specifically on Airtel Money Withdraw charges. I have been using airtel money for quite some time now but as at last Wednesday last week I deposited K 1,600 of which 2 days later i went to withdraw K300 my withdraw charge was K 25 which is almost 10% of my withdraw amount. I inquired with the customer service and they said the charges have been revised. the next day i decided to withdraw all my money from the account due to the high charges the service was attracting i went to Manda hill branch and to my surprise for a withdraw of K 1,200 my charge was K 80.
The highest MTN charges is K30 and worse of all not even banks can give you the amount Airtel is charging as interest. Xapit charges K 2 for withdraw and visa charges are at K5 for most banks almost. I honestly feel this is daylight theft that needs urgent correction otherwise we as Zambians will be taken for-granted by any company that decideds to raise their charges without proper justification.

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