Airtel takes their pathetic levels to new level

My name is Isaac Sintufya and holder of Mobile Phone Number +260977636237.
I have been a royal client of Airtel from its inception in Zambia.
It was on Thursday around 23:00hrs when I was buying their daily unlimited (yet caped) bundle of K15 to enable me do some ZRA online VAT submissions. I followed their usual details of dialing *575# to activate the bundle as I have always done. Their system kept on failing to activate. Due to the ZRA pressure on online submissions, I kept on trying a couple of times without success until I slept.
At 03:21, 20 Dec, a message came that I had been subscribed successfully to the unlimited daily plan. They deducted K15.00 from my airtime as usual.
But before I could even enjoy, two minutes after being subscribed, another message at 03:23, 20 Dec, came saying you have been subscribed successfully to the unlimited daily plan and another deduction of K15.00 hit my account.
After one minute another message at 03:24, 20 Dec, came saying you have been subscribed successfully to the unlimited daily plan and another deduction of K15.00 was sucked from my account. A minute later, another deduction was done on my account bringing the total of four deductions in less than 10minutes. I was thinking that maybe the definitions of words had evolved without my knowledge because I kept wondering how 4 solid days were squeezed to fit inside the ten minutes of my time. Or could it be that my family and I were put on auto-hibernation which lasted for 96hours?
I tried to call them on 575, the internet related customer care line, at 04:18 and they promised to rectify the error before 09:30hrs as the technical guys would only be in the office by 08:00hrs. I called them again at 09:34hrs and they told me my case is being worked on and that I would get my refund after 2hrs. I waited until 17hours when I called them and they kept assuring me that they would refund but to no avail.
Today, the 21st of December 2013, when I called them they then changed their mind that they DO NOT refund of give EXTEND bundles resulting in their system errors.
My questions to them are as follows;
1. Should clients be punished for their system’s incompetence?
2. Should someone be charged for the advertised service which has not been delivered to them?
3. Is it a crime to RETRY a failed transaction on Airtel?
4. Suppose my phone only had K15.00 exactly in it, were they going to treat my airtime top-ups of the day as credits for RETRYING a failed transaction on their system?
5. Is their IT Department a joke?

If their answer to the above questions is YES, then Airtel should rebrand themselves as follows;
1. AIRFAIL and not Airtel – They keep failing us in the Air and on the ground too.
2. Their motto should be information leakers. They did it during the MMD lost elections by leaking our numbers for the then Ruling Party to use our phones as campaign platforms.
3. Shameless Con-Artists – They will not sleep until your last coin in your phone shifts camp to their side.

What is ZICTA doing about such infesters?

I rest my case.

Concerned Citizen
Isaac Sintufya

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