Airtel Zambia incompetency

Airtel Zambia incompetency

Dear Zambiawatchdog,

Please help me to expose the incompetence or possible SIM card fraud happening at Airtel Zambia. Please withhold my identity.

Around 08:00 on Friday 27th I recieved a message from AGILEKYC which as I understand is communication from airtel. At around 1pm same day I tried to deposit money into my airtel money account and to my surprise it was registered to a different person. After a follow up with airtel customer care I was told it was a system error and I needed to visit a service centre. I informed the person I was talking to from customer care that this was unacceptable, that airtel needed to ensure security of their customers mobile money accounts.

Around 3pm sam day i had no access to my number, it simply went off.

Around 5pm, I passed through the Manda Hill service centre where I was informed that my number had been replaced to another person since 2013, which was ridiculous because I have been using my phone, to call airtel call centre on the very day as well as transact on the airtel mobile money account which was showing that it was registered in my name only two days prior.

I provided proof of everything I was telling the person that was attending to me. He could not provide me with any reason as to how this was possible and how as airtel they could not ensure security of thier customers information as well as mobile money account.
This is the number that is linked to my bank accounts as well, they have simply exposed my information to a third party as the person with my simcard is now receiving all my messages including those related to my bank transactions.

While at the service centre my KYC information was updated. And that is all that was done, I asked if I could have some sort of confirmation of my complaint so that i would use to follow up but I was told that they don’t have such a system.

I got a call from the Manda Hill service centre on Saturday the 28th March asking me to go back to the centre so that the same details that were taken the day before would be taken again today.
I am apalled to say the least, why would I be required to leave my home at a cost, and expose myself to the corona virus just so that I can stay a customer to airtel is simply not worthwhile. Your customer service is below minimum standards by far, your failure to provide security to client information is simply ridiculous.

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