Airtel Zambia’s pathetic services

Dear Editor,
I wish to express my displeasure through your media on how airtel Zambia is violating the rights of Zambian people to log in complaints. My number 0976300900 can neither receive calls,send nor receive text messages and incoming calls when it has been fully registered and been on the network since mid 2013. I called there call centre and talked to one of the call centre agents by the name of Naomy,who refused to give me her last name,reasons best known to herself and airtel to express my displeasure on why my number became invalid all of a sudden,its a pity to note that there call centre agents lack customer service skills and training. I was asked to try my Sim in a different phone of which even after I tried the problem was still there and unresolved,tried calling back the call centre for 2nd time only for my number to be blocked from accessing the call centre services. This is not the first time to experience such pathetic service from airtel,even in 2012 I had similar incident on a different line where I was asked to replace the number but nothing was sorted out,the only solution was to delete the number from the system and recreate it,of which after the recreation of the number, all the airtime and bundles were lost and it was me to bear the cost. My question and concern is; is it the customers fault that their systems are old fashioned and pathetic for a customer to bear the cost? Why should I lose airtime,bundles and minutes which I already bought with my hard earned money just for my issue to be sorted? Why can’t they bear the cost since its their system fault? I wonder what ZICTA the so called regulatory body is doing, I wonder if ZICTA even exists and if it can even SONTA epo ba bomba. I will not bear the cost of losing my credit,minutes BIS subscription and bundles for the problem to be sorted. I await patiently to hear from AIRTEL zambia on how best they will sort my issue, my complaint number is C7451671. I have lost business because of their errors of which they will not even compesate me for that. The only tool of communication I have is the Whatsapp App on the same line. Honestly can I do smooth business with whatsapp only?

Yours sincerely

Kachela Daniel Ngona

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