Akashambwatwa resigns from TAZARA

Tanzania Zambia Railways Authority -TAZARA- Managing Director Akashambatwa Lewanika has resigned


Lewanika has written to President Michael Sata indicating his willingness to step down as Managing Director for the joint national railway company.

Mr Lewanika says he has decided to offer himself to be replaced because the effective operations of the TAZARA Managing Director require political will and support.

He has noted that with the coming in of the new government in Zambia, there is need to appoint a new Managing Director and that he is willing to step aside.

And Mr Lewanika says TAZARA needs over 7-hundred million US dollars to meet its financial requirements.

Mr Lewanika told a media briefing in Lusaka on Friday that of the total amount of money required to ensure the smooth running of TAZARA, over 4-hundred Million US Dollars should come from the government of Zambia.

He says this should be so, because the survival of TAZARA is critical to the Zambian economy.

Mr Lewanika has pointed out that TAZARA has a lot of challenges which need to be addressed by both the government of Zambia and Tanzania.

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