Alcoholic Mwanakatwe can’t start insulting Sata

Alcoholic Mwanakatwe can’t start insulting Sata

Aunty Dizzy

By Prince Chanda

It is OK in leadership to keep close a convenient scape goat to take the blame in case one wants to avoid taking for responsibility for what has gone wrong but its sheer stupidity, nonsensical, outright rubbish and positively unacceptable to blame the dead who in their own life stood for what was right and in the interest of a Nation…✍🏾Prince Chanda

Country men and women I greet you🤝🏽

I note with sadness reading the article circulating attributed to one Dudu minister of finance advising people to blame sata for what has gone wrong, I pray its sheer propaganda but even if it were true, this is what madam dudu must know, I have followed her works very well and supported her appointment as finance minister, but if this is how much beer has gotten to her head, then she must stop drinking forthwith as her actions surpasses that of an average mental fool at chainama mental hospital. I take the sentiments as an extreme indolence to sata.

First of all, what has caused us this mess is the stupid play boys and girls in cabinet, arrogant drunks and corrupt individuals , they lack everything that define basic leadership at even class moniter/Monitress level.

Some of these were fired for being corrupt and others for treachery, but a few of these can be mentioned because the very things they were fired for they have continued hence the mess, Chitotela was fired as deputy minister, KZ was fired as PS state house, lubinda was fired and so was winder, chitotela if full minister and so is luninda and kz as political adviser to the president, kampyongo was deputy minister and so was freedom sikazwe as northern province minister, all these today are cabinet ministers, kampyongo has been cited in the fire engine machines, chitotela in many things as well as Chitalu chilufya, the people who have put us in a mess are not those who started projects, but those who decided to share money meant for projects and forgot to service the loan as was planned? $42m dollars spent on fire machines wasn’t necessary, those shits have not succeeded in quenching any fire anyhow, the corruption in ministry of health, works and supply, finance, housing and infrastructure , planning and many others cannot be attributed to sata no ways that’s stupid and highly idiotic, there are many things that have affected our economy, we can no longer attract credible investment because the credibility of our country has suffered embarrassment by this regime irreparably.

Investors don’t feel safe, competition is destroyed by the Chinese fake products, Zambia railways was one way to end accidents , after sata died not even that small train is communiting, roads were to be spared so that all heavy duty things would move by goods train, that would have helped raise revenue to pay debts, crooks have bought buses have entered transport business, they have bought trucks and so killing Zambia railways was strategical to their businesses .

Increasing civil servant salaries should not be an excuse to insult sata, we have fools and incompetent people in file and ranks of our institutions of government, controlling officers are stealing because the politicians are leading the way.

Labour minister whatever she could be sniffing if at all any, could be stronger than marijuana and when marijuana is legalised ,what she is sniffing should remain banned.

She knows that this government has said will not increase salaries for civil servants, she also knows civil servants employ more maids and garden boys, so whatever minimum wage she crafted with her incompetent officers at labour office, is indeed a deduction from civil servant’s salaries that have not been increased, taking away 499+ from salaries of civil servants plus all these taxes is not only criminal but evil ,most wicked. This is because all politicians have been told no more maids, garden boys , grz fuel ,personal to order cars and all that went with their privileges as way of saving money they are wasting in trips.

Certainly those who succeeded in chocking sata that in his grave he stands insulted will never no peace.


Country men and women let’s continue praying for president lungu to work up and make serious necessary decision to put up a team to help him, yes we can vote him out but he needs help, even the minimum wage rise is a scheme against lungu by that incompetent labour minister, he needs divine interventions .


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    Mwanakatwe surely you need to shut your fucking beak, remember how you fucked up at Barclays drinking chibuku in the office with cleaners after which they start fucking you REMEMBER BITCH?

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    Mumbulu 2 weeks ago

    and has she paid back the money she got on some citizen empowerment fund..what ever it is called?

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    Like the late Levy P M said to the late Titus J C, pay back what you store from Zambians then be pardoned. What prayers are we to give to ECL? He is mature enough, aware of all the stealing, insults by his Press Aid and many more. All he says is, bring EVIDENCE! He is aware of his failed leadership and seeing all these. So what wasteful prayers for him working up as to put up what team to help him are you talking about? Is God your cousin or you are trying to mock GOD? All his doings and that of his leadership are INTENTIONAL!

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    Mpundu 2 weeks ago

    The Minister of Finance (Madam Mwanakatwe) should have started by articulating what she and Lungu have done to stabilize the economy before scapegoating Sata. Many nonpartisan Zambians (Prince Chanda excluded it seems) would agree that the reckless borrowing started with the late Michael Sata. That was compounded by unbudgeted expenditures such as creation of districts on impulse. That HE Sata and his cabinet failed to think ahead is all very evident to see today. The sad thing is that though the DEBT trainwreck started with Mr Sata, those that succeeded the King Cobra (HE Lungu, Madam Mwanakatwe, and Co.) took reckless borrowing to another level. The situation is so bad that the government of Zambia (GRZ) seems to have no plan to dig the country out of the financial mess it is in. In fact, it seems the GRZ political leadership does not understand the enormity of the problem as seen from continued unnecessary expenditures on foreign trips, misplaced infrastructure projects, resuscitation of failed projects (Zambia Airways) and many incoherent pronouncements. How can GRZ operate an airline, in a highly competitive industry, when they are failing to run ZESCO, a monopoly? What is worse, thinking that more debt will help us is a fallacy given that we cannot manage to pay loan obligations as things are! Fellow countrymen, at individual level, one has to live within his or her means. That applies to governments also though the disconnect between Mwanakatwe’s cost cutting program and the continued free spending of her boss suggests that these guys just don’t get it! . A few days ago, one government spokesperson was educating us about how all governments worldwide borrow, including the US. He or she forgot that these other governments have a plan and controls when they borrow! It is difficult to see the what the end-game is from GRZ and its leadership!!! That my dear countrymen, is the scary part: a clueless leadership leading a population of unquestioning, naive citizens!

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    Asiff 2 weeks ago

    Mwanakatwe can not be the correct emissary to talk about Data and civil servants salaries. First she gets 18000 kwacha for dozing and being drunk.Then she gets free airtime,fuel,car etc for being bogus. Let her tell us what good she has done to the country apart from stealing an election and getting all good things for free while we gnash our teeth in poverty and hunger.