Alert Anti rigging Zambians threaten to kill foreign voters

A group of vigilante Zambians has warned that they are ready to kill the foreign nationals who were exposed as having been included on the voters roll.

“They are lucky the Post newspaper exposed them otherwise we knew this scheme earlier and we have been looking for them but now we want to warn them to stay away otherwise they will be killed,” said a group member of the organisations calling itself Anti rigging squad in a statement to the Watchdog.

The source said that following the expose, they have increased alertness in the border towns and will ruthlessly kill the foreign intruders.

“Our peace has been taken for granted, we know their names, their details and we shall trail them to the polling stations they will be required to vote from and strike,” he added.

The Eectoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has ignored repeated calls by stakeholders to rid the register of foreigners who were included by the PF as a rigging technique.

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