Alert to Mulobezi voters !

To all Mulobezi UPND supporters be alert of unknown people at your polling stations during poll day!its heard from the source Mr Kakoma that PF aspiring candidate Mambeya Patricia Mulasikwanda decided to rig election by 600 foreign voters and these people are already in the polling stations where they have registered as voters. He also added that even those congolese that suffocated in the container vehicle previous month were coming to vote for PF but unfortunately God dont want his lovely,humble  Zambian people to suffer of PF again! Mr Kakoma who differed with Mambeya over her adoption also said that Mambeya is busy giving money carelessly to teachers,indunas etc so that they can organise voters for her but seem to be not working! Mr Kakoma also said that its dangerous for District Commissioner DC capt Limwanya to be incharge of supplying Referendum booklets to people of Mulobezi because that is a duty for ECZ which is an independent body! Be alert people of Mulobezi! Please hide my IDs!

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