Alert to UNZA students


RUIN POLICE (RUPO).                                                                                                                     22nd August,2012.
Fellow students we are again faced with uncertainties about our stay at the University of Zambia, many of us fought for the re-opening of the university via many forums. On face book the “SATA must open UNZA” campaign was launch, few students led by RUPO Generals took to the street to fight via the operation great east road. And finally government listened and re-opened the university on 18 July for returning students.
Two weeks down the line we where informed that the university will close on 1 September, RUPO again mobilization the students to fight against the closure via the operation great east road, While unzasu had welcomed the decision through its president. After the long night of tear-gas, minister of Education issued a statement that the university will not close on 1st September but on 31st October as per sessional dates.
Just last week RUPO again mobilized students to fight for the delayed meal allowances after a long walk to bursaries committee students were informed by the minister that they will receive their meal allowances on Tuesday, 21st August. Which happened and meal allowances have been received.
Unfortunately now unzasu president is leading a campaign to have the university closed on 4th September, and RUPO is totally against this unrealistic move. Students have received meal allowances which cater up to 31st October; as a result there is no need to close. The reason been advanced by the unzasu president are: that there is need to give the contractor more time to do a good job. Further Ali and his group are stating that students have been disturbed and they cannot concentrate on academic and there is too much academic pressure.
Information coming from close associates of the UNZASU presidents indicates that he is under pressure from the vice-chancellor, minister of education and sports and youth who are calling him night and day to ask him to mobilize students so that they can advocate for a closure. The UNZA management is stating that they want to take advantage of the renovations so that they do not use the maintence fee that students pay which ranges in around 400 millions per semester.
As a result unzasu president is panicking to mobilization students and advocating for a closure. He is being assisted by the UNZA PF branch which is led by Mukuka (Oga: a losing candidate for position of VEEP in unzasu 2011 elections). The political party which is causing noise at UNZA is PF and not UPND or MMD.
Our appeal to students, especially monks because the momas and chuwis are not in support of this closure idea is: please let us not be bought will 2. 6 million kwacha, which has been credited into our accounts. Lets consider the views of the major, who currently are not in support of this whole idea. This closure will benefit Ali because he will earn a favor and money, while we are home for 5 months Ali will be getting paid each day he spends on campus in the name of monitoring the works. Remember time worsted is never gained. We need to stand and be objective in this whole matter failure to which 5 months of our lives will go to worst.
We must ensure that we stand by our words and that is the university must close on 31st October, because the contractors are willing to wait. They will start with external works as earlier stated as a result we see no need to close.
RUPO is appealing to all Zambian citizens to rally behind us as we fight this evil, this particular war wont be easy because the monks and entire university community is divided.
Why should all our efforts go to worst, we have sacrificed too much to be the ones fighting for a closure. We risk losing public confidence as they will think we are greed and are not right thinking university students. We cry for UNZA, UNZA MY LOVE, MY LOVE MY LOVE.

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