Alert UPND security arrests PF cadres in Police uniform in Mongu

Six PF cadres clad in Paramilitary Police uniform have been arrested by the UPND anti rigging team in Nalolo in Western Province.
The six were about to board a ZAF chopper in route to various polling stations to provide ‘security’ when the alert UPND security team pounced on them.
They were immediately handed over to the police where one of them, a court messenger called Patrick Kamutiana said they got the uniforms from the Officer-in-Charge at Mooyo Police.
And Western Province Police Commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi has confirmed the incidence and said the six plus the Officer –in Charge who provided the uniforms have since been withdrawn from election ‘duties’ adding that investigations have since commenced.
Western Province UPND Chairperson Mubita Mubita said such conduct should not be tolerated.
Some of the culprits are Patrick Kamutiana, a court messenger, Francis Kongwa , a messenger in the Nalolo District Commissioners’ office and Lillian Akakulubelwa.
Nalolo is the constituency for Inonge Wina, the PF National Chairperson but she no longer commands support from the local people.
And intelligence sources in Western Province have told the Zambian Watchdog that the UPND anti rigging team in the area has put up tight measures and was closely monitoring the attempts and manoeuvres to rig the polls.
‘Here the situation is tight because these UPND guys are really alert,’ said one intelligence source.
The intelligence source further said most parts of Western Province have been plunged into darkness and ZESCO has been sending text messages explaining that the power outage is a result of some technical faults.
He said it may be a deliberate move to allow the government to facilitate rigging.

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