Alfredah Kansembe fired for sending GBM T-shirts to Kasama

Alfredah Kansembe fired for sending GBM T-shirts to Kasama

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In PF, wonder shall never end. Former Deputy Minister Alfredah Kansembe, who is a known sister-in-law to former Defense Minister Geoffrey Mwamba, aka GBM, has been axed from her ministerial position because she had sent t-shirts to youths in northern province, including kasama central. In Kasama, we received the t-shirts and as youths, we used them during the match-past. What annoyed Miles Sampa, who was guest of honour and a close association to kelvin sampa, PF’s candidate during the much anticipated by-election, was that as we matched past him, almost all the youths started chanting GBM! GBM! GBM! Miles Sampa looked visibly annoyed. He was heard telling some people that whoever bought us the t-shirts will be in hot soup once he is back in Lusaka.

Miles Sampa is not even ba Sata’s blood Nephew but he exaggerates it. Whatever the case, his Uncle is failing each day and in 2016, we in this area of Northern Province Will make sure that come 2016, citizens will make President Sata unemployed.
We have no doubt that he went and lied about the Honourable to President Sata. Another casualty has been committed by PF in Northern Province and we are waiting for President Sata to announce GBM’s expulsion so that we defeat him. Let him also expel Hon Kansembe and we’ll mobilize so that we kill PF here. We are not going to let GBM or Alfreda Kansembe to stand and walk on his or her own. As youths here, we are waiting to hear PF to expel GBM and we’ll show the them..

David Mutale Chisanga

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