Alive & Kicking joins malaria fight

The Ministry of Health says it’s happy that Alive & Kicking has joined supporters of the United Against Malaria campaign.
The Alive & Kicking charity operates a job-creation scheme in Lusaka making footballs that carry a range health awareness messages, including the United Against Malaria logo.
“United Against Malaria is rapidly becoming a vehicle that demonstrates the very best of how government, NGOs and the private sector can work together to get vital health messages across to people even in the farthest corners of the country,” said the National Malaria Control Centre’s principal information, education and communication officer Pauline Wamulume said in a statement to the Watchdog.
United Against Malaria aims to capture the spirit and energy of football to communicate the messages of malaria prevention and treatment: sleep under an insecticide-treated bednet every night; pregnant women go for preventive medicine; allow your home to be sprayed; and if you suspect malaria go for immediate testing.
Alive & Kicking works with Zamleather, a division of Zambeef – also a United Against Malaria partner – making high quality footballs for distribution through schools and other organisations. It employs some 50 people.
“Our model harnesses the power of sport to raise awareness about health issues, provide jobs, and produce a product that brings universal joy to all those who come into contact with it – a ball. Cheap, easily damaged balls are kicked around in the dust by many children in Africa. Others make their own balls from plastic bags and string. Alive & Kicking wants all kids to have the opportunity to play with real footballs,” explained Alive & Kicking deputy manager Mara Michelo Chileshe.
National Malaria Control Centre representatives were recently given as tour of Alive and Kicking operations while welcoming the organisation onto the United Against Malaria team.

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