Sata plans to impose Luo, a fellow Bisa as Chitimukulu

Ailing dictator Michael Sata plans and is heavily fighting to impose a fellow Bisa as Chief Chitimukulu, the paramount Chief of the Bemba people.

Meanwhile, the Bemba Royal Establishment has rejected  Sata’s decision to degazette Henry Sosala Senior Chief Mwamba of the Bemba-speaking people of Kasama.

Last Thursday, President Sata withdrew recognition of Henry Kanyanta Sosala as senior chief Mwamba of the Bemba-speaking people of Kasama.
But radio Mano in Kasama reports that Bashilubemba (Bemba Chiefs)  had a meeting over the matter on Friday where they rejected Sata’s decision, calling it government interference in traditional affairs.

The Watchdog has been informed that the fight is not just about chief Mwamba but Bemba chiefs have realised that Sata wants to impose a fellow Bisa as Chitimukulu.

Sources in the Bemba Royal Establishment have told the Watchdog that Bembas are due to chose the new Chitimukulu next month since the passing of the last Chiti last year.

‘But Sata wants to impose Bob Luo, Nkandu Luo’s brother who is currently chief Chibesakunda of the Bisa people’, a source explained.

From the time Chitimukulu died, Sata has been busy meddling in the traditional activities. Before the traditional leaders announced the death of theire King as per custom, Sata was writing letters of condolences to the Royal Establishemnt.


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    MMD Zwa 5 years

    How do you rule a tribe from which you are not?

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      NewZambia 5 years


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    whaaal its happening!,so our president is also an immigrant(A machusa for that matter.By the way don’t forget that this gentleman is also the architecture of the Nkoya/lozi seemingly impase, he hatched this venomous idea during the FTJ era,an amateurish divide and rule blunt tactic.-They are still watching him closely!-As for the Bembas fyakui letelela, u had let the camel to close now it has become the master and even want to impose Bisa chief. Aren’t the Bisa’s the ones who were in fore front organizing to sale of others as slaves to the Arabs, These Bisas have always been a source of problems to the Bembas,u better wake up.Thats why this time they have even made their own province separate from the Bemba’s.Always clever indeed,the Bembas are always a step behind the middle men who organized to sale them.Poor Bembas they now have even lost their good cultured Name,because of someones deeds,-Now the final blow,A Bisa to inherit the Chitimukulu chieftainship!,Look @ how Comrade Nevers is being Toust about by Namugala an ally to the Bisa’s while you all watch, wake up please! you have slumbudy for too long while people tanish your good image, standup and be counted Bembas.Now Bemba is synonymous to theft and plunder while you watch.All the monies are going to build his province and not your Northern and Luapula so what have you gained by sacrifycing your good Name? Called a Spade a Spade!