All eyes on Sata’s behaviour as he appears during labour celebrations

Drama and comedy this week Wednesday moves to freedom statue where ailing Dictator president Michael Sata is expected to officiate at this year’s labour day celebrations.

Sources at State House have told the Watchdog that president Sata will personally attend the event after being criticised for failing to officiate at International Women and Youth Day celebrations early in the year.

“If all goes well, he will definitely attend as he is feeling slightly better under the strict medical guidance of the new Indian Doctor who you normally see seating by his side. What we are not sure is whether he will manage to stand for the entire match-past for workers as is the custom of the event with previous presidents. That’s why you have been seeing his motorcade rehearsing along independence avenue,” sources said.

In the last events, Sata had sent his ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott to represent him though he also failed to remain standing for the duration of the match-past in two occasions.

As for president Sata, he recently appeared for a few minutes at some rallies in Kapiri Mposhi and Lukulu West.

He later to travelled to Mongu for what was supposed to be a ground breaking ceremony for the stadium, but the event was abandoned when organisers could not find a Pick, a tool that was not part of the programme.

After running away from the Mongo function, Mr. Sata same day proceeded to Shangombo where he ended up re-declaring Kalabo as the new district, yet the place has been a district even before he became president.

Last week, he went to Choma to celebrate appointment of fellow old relic Daniel Munkombwe as Southern province minister who between them they share more that 160 years of wasted time on earth.

While in Choma, he openly declared that his government would not develop any place in Zambia that has opposition MPs because opposition leaders would take credit.

As Mr. Sata will be officiating at the labour day event on Wednesday, if he manages to attend depending on medical condition, all eyes will be on his behaviour and how long he will stay at the event.

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