All Lusaka urban votes to be re-checked, UPND back at Mulungushi

All Lusaka urban votes to be re-checked, UPND back at Mulungushi

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has agreed to re-look at all the presidential results for Lusaka urban, the Watchdog understands.

And the UPND officials have returned to Mulungushi conference centre.

The UPND has petitioned ECZ to verify the results as they suspect that the numbers for PF have been inflated while figures for the UPND have been reduced.

Yesterday, after counter checking results for Kanyama, it was discovered that more than 14, 000 votes for UPND were initially reduced. The UPND was given at first 17, 000 votes in total but after re-checking led by Maureen Mwanawasa, the UPND votes were increased to more than 32, 000 thereby narrowing the gap between PF and UPND.
Based on the Kanyama malpractice, the UPND is convinced that this criminality was effected in all urban constituencies such as Mandevu. The UPND believe that upto 20, 000 votes given to PF in Mandevu alone are fake.

So far, the number of irregularities exposed and proved can nullify any ‘election’ of Edgar Lungu 5 times over.

The UPND is advised not to accept stupid, rigged results as doing so will be betraying their supporters who are on standby waiting for further instructions.

The Watchdog has, from last year, been warning of this scenario, which looks set to degenerate if the ECZ continues working with PF to alter results.

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