All major development projects in Barotseland have stalled-UPND

All major development projects in Barotseland have stalled-UPND

The United Party for National Development (UPND) in Western Province has charged that the Patriotic Front (PF) government will not deliver on its promises because it has not constituted any new developmental projects in the Province.

Provincial Publicity Secretary Nkwilimba Lubinda told the Watchdog on Saturday that despite having been in office for more than 90 days, the PF government has not shown any tangible project that can bring about development.

Lubinda said important projects such as the construction of the  K2.1billion Mongu- Kalabo road, Limulunga High School, Limulunga police camp have all stalled under the PF regime. He added that so far, nothing notable was happening in the province.

“We have not seen anything so far apart from the promotion of 12 commissioners of police whose personal emoluments are equivalent to employing   300 to 400 constables. Now you see instead of putting money in people’s pockets as promised, money is only going in 12 people’s pockets” said Lubinda.

He said government has for the first time since the farmers input support programme was initiated in the country failed to deliver faming inputs to people who used their hard earned money to pay for inputs.

“The whole PF thing is a failure, it has failed the people already unless if there are others areas where it is doing well not hear” he said.

Lubinda said the PF government should have considered undertaking  more developmental programmes to Western Province than creating a tenth province to which he said  almost all the resources have been channeled.

He said the MMD government started working on the Senanga-Sesheke road saying people expected the PF to continue with these projects and also start others  such as the Matebele- Shangombo, Katunda – Lukulu and Namuskakende – Nalikwanda roads.

“So Western Province is very unfortunate, probably while others are eating today we will have to eat our share tomorrow” Lubinda said.

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