All major health centres run out of drugs as Lungu goes on holiday

All major health centres run out of drugs as Lungu goes on holiday

Vice-president Wina whispering to President Lungu at aitport

Heart to heart: Vice-president Wina whispering something to President Lungu at airport before he left for medical holiday

All the major health centers in the country have completely run out of essential drugs, even Panados, as government has not procured due to bankruptcy.

The critical situation happens as the Zambian president Edgar Lungu undergoes high-class medical examinations while enjoying ‘tuwaine twalekana lekana’ with Finance Minister Minister Alexander Chikwanda in the comforts of the Mfuwe luxurious lodges.

A check in a number of health centers especially clinics shows that there are completely no drugs, as they have not been funded for a long time now.

Even worse, some of the medical personnel in various parts of the country have not received their January salaries while others had their salaries cut without any explanation.

Chikwanda squandered all the money paying roads and other contractors that were financing PF election campaigns.

But the situation has now led to most of the contractors also demobilizing their equipment from most of the projects due to lack of money.

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