All PF leaders going to jail after next elections – MSONI

All PF leaders going to jail after next elections – MSONI

PF should start preparing and mentoring young leaders to takeover the party leadership after the 2021 elections as most of its top brass leaders(will certainly never escape prison) will definitely go to prison without doubt.

The unprecedented levels of graft and corruption in this government by far overtakes the loot associated with the former Nigerian dictator Gen. Sani Abacha.

The continuing shameless plunder and abuse of state resources under the leadership of Mr Edgar Lungu is unprecedented in the history of governments in Zambia.

The Integrity of government has been grossly compromised by the behaviour of those appointed and serving in government.

Ethos and morality count for nothing in this government when making appointments into government portfolios.

The appointing authority sees nothing wrong recycling indicted criminals and appointing them into positions of trust.

Criminals indicted in the FIC report continue plundering public resources with impunity.

It is apparent for all to see that the appointing authority is unmoved by the escalating plunder of state resources.

Zambia is certainly in a quagmire of lawlessness requiring a solution.

Certainly, legitimate regime change is the only solution to this state of lawlessness and the lack of leadership playing out in the country.

The desperation by PF criminals to win the 2021 elections is born out of fear going to Prison.
Nason Msoni
All People’s Congress APC

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