All the 1422 councillors in Zambia have not been paid monthly salaries

All the 1422 councillors countrywide have not been paid their K700 monthly ‘salaries’ the PF government awarded them since the new statutory instrument signed by the Minister of Local Government and Housing that recommended monthly salaries.

The PF government some time last year duped the councillors that they would be paid K700 per month plus sitting and transport allowances.

But like every haphazard announcement by the PF government, the increment had no budget line anywhere and most councils are actually failing to pay their employees, which has even become a bigger burden to now shoulder the councillors salaries.

If the central government is to shoulder the bill, they will be paying about a billion (old currency) every month.

When asked to justify where the councils would be getting the salaries for councillors, Local Government Minister Emeline kabanshi last year told them she had no idea but perhaps they could consider farming as an alternative.
But the truth of the matter is that the financial position is so bad that no ministry has so far received funding for previous months activities.
According to sources at the Ministry of Finance, most of the contractors have actually abandoned projects because of none payment and failure to honour contracts.
“In fact, if we are to pay all the existing contracts for previous years, the money for the entire budget for this year would be exhausted within two months, which means there is currently no money for the budgeted activities for this year.
According to sources at the treasury, whatever is being collected by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) is only for projects for last year, and no a single budgeted project for this year has been implemented.

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