All Zambian delegates back from New York, but where is president Sata again?

All Zambian delegates back from New York, but where is president Sata again?

B693B3FB-19EC-4601-B1F9-BEBD4B896B7D_mw1024_n_sAiling dictator Michael Sata is still missing from the country despite the United Nations General Assembly he went to attend in Newyork having ended and a number of his delegates having arrived.

According to the Post newspaper, Mr. Sata left New York on Saturday after bidding farewell to his delegation comprising Foreign Affairs Minister Wilbur Simuusa, Community Development Minister Joseph Katema, and Commerce Minister Emmanuel Chenda.

These ministers are already back and currently attending to various government functions in Zambia, including parliamentary proceedings, which means that ordinarily, he would have arrived earlier than these officials.

It is not clear which mode of transport he is using that is slower than the people he left used that have ended-up overtaking the entire president, perhaps it is the PF boat.

On Saturday when leaving his New york Palace Hotel, the PF aligned Post newspaper reported the following:

PRESIDENT Michael Sata on Saturday wondered why some online publication wanted him to leave New York before the end of the United Nations General Assembly.

President Sata said this when bidding farewell to Zambian representative to the United Nations Dr Mwaba Kasese-Bota at New York Palace Hotel.

After emerging from the hotel, President Sata greeted cabinet ministers Emmanuel Chenda, Wylbur Simuusa and Joseph Katema, who were part of his delegation, and wondered why some online publication called him an ailing President.

“You (Eddie) Mwanaleza,” he said, pointing to his official photographer, “why are they saying ‘ailing Michael Sata is the only one remaining in New York; everybody has left’?” he asked.
An online publication recently reported that President Sata was the only head of state who was still in New York.

But the Zambian Mission at the UN said other leaders were still in New York because the 68th General Assembly was still going on and only closed yesterday.

President Sata was among the 30 heads of state and government that addressed the just-ended UN General Assembly.

New Information Permanent secretary, who is also former Zambianwatchdog correspondent Emmanuel Mwamba has been preaching that he wants a culture of open and truthful information released to the public before they start speculating.

It is not clear how Mwamba and other PF government leaders expect Zambians never to speculate about the whereabouts of their highly prized public property especially that all the presidential programmes have been delegated to the Acting President, Alexander Chikwanda.

The nation is now waiting to hear from Mr. Mwamba about the whereabouts of his boss before the Watchdog is accused of speculating despite knowing fully where the Zambian president is currently hiding.

If he does not show-up by midnight tonight, the Watchdog will locate him.

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