All Zambian women are fearfully & wonderfully made-Janet Choongo

Janet Choongo is a Zambian studying at the Mississippi University in USA.

Janet Choongo

She is a model and has enetered the race for Miss Africa 2010.

Here is what she told  to UG Pulse about her country and her self:

Giving back:

  • Bethlehem Center Volunteer – After School Program
  • Hope House -Volunteered to help serve the needy in the MS Delta
  • Upward Bound Program – Tutor/Resident Assistant
  • Aurora Australis Lodge – Nursing Home, Columbus MS
  • I have also served on many community and mission trip outreach programs based on helping the underprivileged

Five-Year Aspirational Plan: I aspire to continue my educational pursuit by attending law school and being an immigration lawyer. I have learned to value the concepts of equality and justice because I realized just how essential these concepts have been to my own formation as an immigrant coming to the United States – seeking ways to better my life and the lives of my family members. I also aspire to continue working on breast cancer awareness in Africa.

Country you are representing: Zambia.

Platform: With the stigma that remains against breast cancer in Africa and the lack of treatment and devastating discrimination, I want to educate as many as possible about early detection and awareness of breast cancer.

UGPulse: If you were evicted from the United States and had to live in an African city, apart from any city in the country you are representing, which African city would you decide to move to and why?

If I were evicted from the United States and had to live in an African city apart from my city, I would not mind staying in Johannesburg in South Africa. I believe that South Africa is the melting pot of Africa. There is a lot of diversity in South Africa just like there is in New York City. Moving to South Africa would help me learn more about other people’s cultures and be able to interact with people who are different from me. The pride that South Africans have in their culture and the way they showcase it would give me motivation to encourage that in my country. I believe firsthand experience is the best experience.

UGPulse: The current Miss Africa USA, 2008 Miss South Africa Nyasha Zimucha, has elevated the pageant to a whole new level. The game has changed in a big way. What would you bring to the pageant at the get-go, if you were to win Miss Africa USA 2010? Upon receiving the title of Miss Africa USA, I understand that my achievement will not come without exposure. In knowing this, I plan to embrace this exposure and take advantage of the opportunities that come along with it in such a way that benefits not only myself, but my continent as well. My expectations of these granted opportunities, however, will not deter me from making my own because I believe in making the most of any opportunity.

There are so many African women equally as talented and beautiful as I am who have not been granted the opportunity to unleash their potential. Hence, I will strive to be a motivational factor to women in Africa whose potential have failed to be realized. In Africa, disease plays a pivot role in the impending of progress to both the young and old. Hence, I would especially like to focus on the area of breast cancer awareness for African women. I feel as if women should be given access to education, early detection, and treatment of breast cancer. Although breast cancer is most prevalent in women of African descent, it is least addressed and familiarized by them.

I have witnessed close relatives die as a result of what could’ve been very easily solved by awareness or early detection. I feel strongly about my platform and passionate enough to work hard until the future of African women is not darkened by Breast Cancer. Women are major participants in economic developments, so good health and long life would not only benefit them but also the community they serve. UGPulse: After what he did to Rihana, would you buy another Chris Brown song or CD? After what he did to Rihana, I would still buy a Chris Brown CD. Like Winston Churchill one said, “All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.” We can not hold on for so long to a wrongdoing because it hinders us from moving forward. Everyone has made mistakes before in life because no one is perfect. What matters most is the lesson learned from the mistake. Chris Brown was punished for the mistake he made. His ability to accept the fact that he was wrong, his apology and attitude of moving on with life despite the rumors around him shows that he has learned from his mistake and he deserves a second chance just like everyone else. UGPulse: Tell us about the country you represent? Are all its women as beautiful as yourself? I am representing the beautiful country of Zambia, “the real Africa.” Zambia is lavished with great natural resources such as the Victoria Falls, which is one of the great wonders of the world, 19 national parks, and abundant precious stones like the deep green emeralds. Zambia is acknowledged as one of the safest countries in the world and one of the leading producers of copper in the world and for that I am so proud to be Zambian. Yes, All Zambian women are as beautiful as I am. All the women in Zambia are wonderfully and fearfully made. Not only do they have the outer beauty, but also the inner beauty. They have beauty with dignity. Zambian women are hardworking, determined, appreciate culture and diversity and value the gift of life

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