PF supporters claim Sata ditched them

A group of individuals claiming to be Patriotic Front (PF) cadres that helped president Sata scoop the September 2011 poll have accused the president of ditching them shortly after emerging victorious.

The alleged cadres who sought anonymity, claimed to have sacrificed, fought and been loyal to president Sata for the last ten years of his straggle to power, but to their surprise they were side lined after the head of state assumed power.

An out spoken male member of the group further disclosed that most of president Sata’s appointments in the government and diplomatic postings were based on his family tree with disregard of merit.

He charged that, if people were to dig deeper, they would find that most of those appointments made were nieces, nephews, brothers or sisters’ in-law, grand children of either the president himself or the wife.

The out spoken ‘cadre’ also said that, it was unfortunate that in less than 90 days of the PF governance, president Sata had beaten the record of the late president, Levy Patrick Mwanawasa as regards to the family tree appointments, in which he (Sata) was very critical of when he was then, in the opposition PF.

They further advised the head of state to look back and put into consideration some of the people that he worked with tirelessly before he became the father to this nation.

The group members also aged all patriotic Zambians to be vigilant and neglect all nepotistic tendencies in the country’s leadership.

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